Nackington Road, Canterbury
Land Use Parameter
Up to 200 dwellings • Outline application • Rydon Homes
A new city extension
We were asked by Rydon Homes to prepare an outline application for a new city extension on the southeastern edge of Canterbury, which holds area UNESCO World Heritage Site status. This 11.72ha site forms part of the wider South Canterbury strategic site allocation.
Compelling and compliant DAS, parameter plans and illustrative master plan
Critical to shaping the proposals was ensuring compliance with two key elements. First, local plan policy and aspirations for the South Canterbury allocation. Secondly, a separate hybrid planning application which covered the site allocation and had a resolution to grant planning permission. Both elements set a challenging context.

Our DAS presented in an accessible way the garden city design principles and concepts that underpin the outline application. Our parameter plans addressing land uses, building heights, green infrastructure and open space types and development phasing, fixed the strategic parameters of the design.

Our illustrative master plan provided an indicative layout to show one way in which the design parameters could be advanced at the detailed design stage, using the design principles in the DAS. The master plan was based on three residential parcels, connected by a focal square and principal tree-lined street. This allows homes to be laid out and designed to take advantage of views out towards generous landscaped buffers, green open spaces, and woodland. New public open space weaves its way through and around the development, both complementing and integrating with the wider footpath network.
Illustrative Master Plan
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