Alex Watson
BA (Hons) / M Arch (Dist) / RIBA

Alex has diverse experience in the design and delivery of residential, commercial and school projects. He is our Sustainable Champion and is at the forefront of our efforts in minimising the carbon impact of our projects and business operations. A Passive House Certified Designer, Alex is a true believer that good design doesn’t cost the earth. He is a keen sportsman often found on a cricket field or running for charity, when he is not busy with home renovations or photographing exemplary architecture.
Alex W Portrait
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Why do you like your job: Seeing the completed development in use and being enjoyed by the end user is the most rewarding part of being an Architect.

Best professional accomplishment: Helping Boyle & Summers become carbon neutral and establishing a net zero framework.

What did you want to be when you grew up: Policeman or professional cricketer.

Favourite film: Cool Runnings.

Favourite destination: Kyoto, Japan.
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